Compiled by Ray Hagen, Laura Wagner, Steven Tompkins et. al.

Last updated: September 13, 2013

This list is a result of more than forty years of compulsive- obsessive data-gathering by the above trio, separately. When our paths crossed a few years ago we combined our lists together.

Finding out who dubbed who in the 70-plus years of sound movies is a fairly daunting task since until relatively recently such information was kept secret by the movie studios who carefully guarded the reputations of their contract players. But in recent years the explosion of books and articles on every aspect of filmmaking has made the task somewhat easier, contradictory as different sources may be. Laura Wagner in particular has spoken to many of these dubbers. To credit every source would be impossible, there've been so many.

Included are not only the singers but credits for "dancers" who couldn't dance, "musicians" who couldn't play, and even a few actors who couldn't talk too good.

What's NOT here, obviously, is data on stars who did their own singing. But some stars sang for themselves in some movies but were dubbed in others. Barbara Stanwyck, for example, "sang" in seven movies but was only dubbed in three of them, so only those three are included here. Also, some stars were only partially dubbed in a film, doing their own singing for some of the songs but not all of them, or even singing parts of songs with only the more demanding passages dubbed. In those cases we've noted that the dubbing is only partial. (But if you don't find a listing here for a specific title you're wondering about, it doesn't necessarily mean the singer wasn't dubbed, it may mean we just don't have the information.)

And finally, there's one legendary dubbing credit you won't find here. For years it's been accepted as gospel that Andy Williams dubbed Lauren Bacall's vocals in "To Have & Have Not." The story has become something of an urban legend, but sorry folks, that was Bacall's own voice. Williams, then an unknown singer doing dubbing work in Hollywood, was hired by director Howard Hawks to record the songs because he couldn't find a female singer with a low enough voice, but when Bacall began singing along with the playback he found that he liked her voice better, so he scrapped Williams' recordings and she did the songs herself. If the story sounded too good to be true ... it was.

This project has always been, and remains, a lifetime work-in- progress. Any additions and/or corrections are most welcome.

Ray Hagen

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